Grant for a Roof Alarm

50% of the installation cost

We aim to be able to provide a grant of 50% of the installation cost up to a maximum of £2500.

Roof Alarms are virtually 100% effective

Despite growing incidents of roof metal theft, churches with a roof alarm fitted have not been affected, and have actually deterred thieves.

How much does this cost?

We are working with E-Bound and a typical system costs around £5000. After the first year there is a monitoring cost of between £375 and £639 depending on call out requirements.

Our grant scheme:

We can provide grants up to a maximum of £2500. We have funds for the next 12 church applications and are urgently raising funds for further applications.

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Abingdon Baptist Church

Awarded a grant by the OHCT of £15,000 for major internal improvements in 2014/2015

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