Baptist Church


  • Wantage Rd
  • Didcot
  • OX11 0BS

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Brief Description

Didcot Baptist Church as a group of people was founded in 1934 and the building was built and opened on 20 October 1938. The building has been extended in several stages and currently has two associated community halls, teaching rooms, with connecting corridors. The main worship area was turned through 90 degrees during one of these extension projects.

  • Main Description

    The building hosts a variety of activities through the week and central to the work and witness of the Church is the provision of regular public services of Christian worship. These services take place each Sunday at both 10.30am and 6.30pm. There is a full children’s programme during the morning services. The church seeks to be a friendly and welcoming community and anybody is free to attend any of these services.

    Our church family reflects the wide range of people living locally in and around Didcot, Oxfordshire.

    Our vision is “to be a welcoming community, following Jesus and making him known”.

    The building has been adapted over the years to meet the changing needs of the community. Some evidence of the modifications are clear from the brickwork on the outside.

    The original building comprised the present sanctuary (without the extension to the South beyond the pillars) and the entrance hall. At that time the entrance hall was divided into a small meeting room, kitchen, vestry and boiler room. The main door was where the outside cross is now, and the two rooms on the platform were two toilets and a cloakroom.

    The large hall to the right hand side and rear is called the Harry Lewis Hall and was built
    and opened March 1952. It was a separate building until 1985/86 when it was linked up to the church with the addition of two classrooms, a corridor and toilets.

    The Community Hall to the rear was opened in 2000 and replaced a much older temporary hut. It was only recently joined by the link corridor to provide a fully enclosed overall facility which can be used by multiple separate groups simultaneously.