Can you help us raise funds to protect Oxfordshire’s churches? 

OHCT is launching an urgent fundraising campaign to fit alarms to protect the roofs of some of Oxfordshire’s most iconic churches.

Since the middle of 2016 the roofs of 20 churches in Oxfordshire have been targeted by lead thieves. Unfortunately none of these churches had approved roof alarms fitted, and their insurance cover was therefore very limited. The average cost of having a roof alarm system installed is some £4-5,000. We are launching an urgent programme under which we hope to pay 50% of this installation cost for the churches most at risk. We are appealing for your help to raise funds to enable us to reach our target of £300,000 to fit alarms to 150 churches.



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Emergency Roof Alarm Appeal

Abingdon Baptist Church

Awarded a grant by the OHCT of £15,000 for major internal improvements in 2014/2015

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