• What is Ride and Stride?

    Ride and Stride is an annual sponsored event where people to cycle, walk or horse ride to a number of churches are welcome visitors to the church

  • Can I take part on a different day?

    Yes, you can take part on any day but the churches that are visited may not be open or stewarded so you may need to sign your own sponsor form.

  • Can we take part as a family?

    Yes, Ride and Stride is a family friendly event and family members can either have their own separate sponsor forms or each have a shared form.

  • Can we take part as a group?

    Groups, (e.g. Scouts, Guides, Toddler Group, Sunday School, Walking group, Cycling Group) are welcome to take part but please be especially aware of road safety if a number of you are travelling together.

  • What route must I follow?

    You can choose your own route covering any distance you wish and visiting as many churches as your would like.

  • May I use a car?

    Cars can only be used to transport you to your first church and from your last church. We do not encourage car use to visit churches, however if the people sponsoring you know your intentions it would be acceptable but you must ensure that your car insurance covers you for this activity.

  • Can I raise money for my own church?

    Participants are allowed to nominate a church of their choice who will receive 50% of their sponsorship money (before GiftAid). There is a space for this information on the sponsorship form.

  • Can I raise money on-line?

    Yes, OHCT is registered with Virgin Money Giving where you can create your own webpage, share it with friends and start raising money. Visit our page here

  • What do I do with my sponsorship money?

    After the event make contact with your local Church Organiser and give them the money and your sponsorship form. If you aren’t sure who your local organiser is complete the form and we’ll let you know

  • What is Radio St/Ride?

    Radio St/Ride will be operating on the Broad Walk outside the Cathedral again this year, by kind permission of the College and the Dean.  The antennas will be erected on Christchurch meadow in the morning.

    From Radio St/Ride (call sign GB2CCC) St/Riders in Oxford will be able to talk to stations at churches in other counties.  Each church you talk to over the air will count as another church visited for your St/Ride sponsor form so, if you sign in at the Cathedral, call in at Radio St/Ride as well.

    GB2CCC will be manned by Harry Hogg and friends who are looking forward to talking to you about ancient churches, Christianity, cycling, radio, indeed any subject that interests you, when they are not making contact with other churches for you to talk to.