The Taylor Trophy

Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust is about…

Raising Money

Through membership, events, legacies, donations and sponsored events.

For Historic Churches

Through grants for improvements, refurbishment and accessibility.

To Benefit Local Communities

Churches are important to people with loved ones or friends christened, married or buried there. They are often the only remaining community meeting place.

Annual Fundraiser

Ride and Stride is the annual fundraiser for our grants. It takes place on the second Saturday in September and 50% of money raised is given to the local church nominated by individual participants and the remainder goes into the central grant fund.

The Taylor Trophy…

The Taylor Trophy is awarded to the Oxfordshire firm or organisation raising the most money in the annual Ride + Stride for Churches event.

Ride + Stride is a national fundraiser that sees the public sponsored to walk or cycle between churches to raise money for the improvement and refurbishment of places of worship of all denominations.

Organised locally by Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust (OHCT), Ride + Stride takes place this year on Saturday, September 12th.

You do not have to attend a church to take part. 

Participants can nominate a local church to receive 50% of the money they raise. The remainder goes into the grant making fund for to which churches can apply throughout the year.


One Team

A team of employees or volunteers from your company or organisation.


One Challenge

Get sponsored to cycle or walk to as many churches
in Oxfordshire as you can.


Lots of Winners

Each person on the team gets to donate
50% of their sponsorship to a local church.
With the remainder, OHCT makes grants throughout the year for improvement or refurbishment of historic churches.


One Trophy

The company or organisation team that collectively raises the most
wins the Taylor Trophy and benefits from the PR this comes with.

One Team

You only need four people to begin a team and you can include as many as you like.

The rule is that the people in your team must be employees or volunteers within your company or organisation.

Four easy steps

  1. choose a team name
  2. register on this website
  3. each member of the team starts a Virgin Money Giving page [individuals can choose to nomiate a local church to revieve 50% of their funds raised]
  4. find some sponsors

The collective total raised by your team is the figure that counts.

One Challenge

You can walk or cycle or both. You can do it together, individually or break up into smaller teams.

Use our route planner or your local knowledge to visit as many Oxfordshire churches as you can.

The possibilities are endless, from planning a route for individuals so you end up at one church for a lunchtime picnic to walking together for the morning and going separate ways after lunch. Start as early as you like and keep going until dusk or just for a few hours in the afternoon.

Whatever you choose, the figure that counts is the total raised before the 31 October 2019!

Lots of Winners

Each year OHCT gives away £100,000+ in grants to local churches for improvements and refurbishments.

Local churches improving their facilities, adding kitchen space, community space, toilets and providing accessibility – these are crucial projects for local communities where often the church is the only remaining community building.

Local churches are often in need of repair and refurbishment. They are historic and important buildings, and they cost a lot to maintain. Every church building, regardless of denomination, is maintained and paid for by the local congregation and community. There is no government or central funding for looking after church buildings.

Through the work of OHCT and many other grant-making bodies, it is the local communities that are the winners.

One Trophy

The winner, the team that raises the most money, receives the Taylor Trophy.

We’ll arrange a photo opportunity, local press and social media coverage.

You’ll also have the opportunity of further coverage as we approach next year’s event and begin promoting taking part in the Taylor Trophy 2020.

The Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust has established the Taylor Trophy (generously provided by one of our Patrons, Bernard Taylor DL) to be awarded each year to the Oxfordshire company or organisation who enter an employees team for our annual fundraising Ride and Stride, which has long been one of our main sources of income. The Trophy will be in the form of a sculpture by the well-known artist Eleanor Clutton-Brock.

  • Participants are sponsored to ride or walk round as many Oxfordshire churches as they can on the second Saturday in September. Most churches provide refreshments. Everybody sets their own pace, route and target, making it suitable for all levels of fitness, age group and ability.
  • Competing teams must be of four or more.

To take part :

  • Register your company team.
  • Each rider must set up a Virgin Money Giving page and must include in that the Team Name. Their individual sponsorship can either be given 100% to OHCT or they can nominate a church to receive 50% and OHCT 50% (the total will be attributable to the competition).
  • A list of churches where riders can sign in, most often find a welcome hot or cold drink, biscuits and in many instances a loo can be found here  – or use our use or online Route Planner
  • The Team who have raised the highest amount by 31 October 2019 will be declared the winner and a presentation will be arranged to award the Taylor Trophy to the winning team. All participating teams will receive a framed Certificate of Participation.