Have you not yet given us your JustGiving number, or page link?

The below steps will tell you how to setup your JustGiving page:

  1. Visit our Just Giving page and click the option ‘Fundraise for Us’.
  2. Log into your Just Giving Account if you have one or sign up for an account.
  3. Let us know what you are doing by clicking the ‘Organised Event’ button.
  4. At ‘Your Charities favourite events’ click on OHCT Ride and Stride 2017.
  5. At Choose your Just Giving web address leave the offered web address if you are happy with it, otherwise type your preferred address for your Just Giving webpage.
  6. When it asks if you are planning to ask for donations to your Just Giving page in return for goods, services or benefits click ‘No’.
  7. Click ‘Create Your Page’.
  8. You can set up and edit your page. Don’t forget to include the name of your chosen church (if you wish 50% of your profits to go to a church of your choice).
  9. Tell your friends and family all about it by emailing them and sharing your page on social media, you can also get a code so people can sponsor you by text message. You can do this on your Just Giving page by clicking on the phone icon under ‘Boost your Fundraising with JustTextGiving’. You can be sponsored an amount for every church you visit (for example, £5 per church), or a set amount for the day.
  10. Go to Just Giving
  11. Type in your Just Giving reference number or page link into the form below then click submit.

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