Please get as many people as possible to sponsor you, friends family and colleagues. – either by filling in the form  or why not set up a fundraising page.

Start fundraising with JustGiving

You can be sponsored an amount for every church you visit (for example, £5 per church), or a set amount for the day.

General Fundraising Tips – Before the Event

  1. Decide approximately how many churches you are likely to visit before asking people to sponsor you.
  2. Start your fundraising well before the event.
  3. Set up a fundraising page on JustGiving, instructions for this can be found here. Instructions For Setting Up A Just Giving Webpage
  4. If you do not want to collect sponsors yourself, ask someone else to do it on your behalf or encourage a young person to take part and offer to collect the sponsors.
  5. Ask close family and friends first to get them at the top of your sponsor form as subsequent people tend to put similar amounts.
  6. Ask friends, neighbours and work colleagues.
  7. Ask if the sponsor will GiftAid their donation.
  8. Get the sponsor’s full name (one person only not for example Smith family), address (including house name or number) and postcode.
  9. Have more than one sponsor form so that more than one person can be writing on forms at the same time.
  10. Ask your employer to support you as some employers will match the amount that you have raised.
  11. Put your sponsor form on the church noticeboard or pin up a separate sheet including the necessary details which could be copied across to your sponsor form later.
  12. Advertise in your church and any local magazines that you are taking part.
  13. Stand up in church, or elsewhere, and make an announcement that you are looking for sponsorship.

 Just Giving Tips – Before the Event

  1. Set up a fundraising page on JustGiving
    Start fundraising with JustGiving
  2. Put the name and place of the church you wish to receive 50% of your sponsor money or say 100% OHCT in the “My Story” section.
  3. In the “My Story” section state if your church is fundraising for a particular purpose e.g. new heating system or roof repairs.
  4. Upload photos on your JustGiving page as it is great to see a happy picture of the participant.
  5. Make a video explaining what you are doing and why and upload it onto your page.
  6. Put your JustGiving page address in your e-mail signature.
  7. E-mail out your page to different groups of people at different times starting with family and close friends.
  8. A good time to e-mail out your page is just after payday.
  9. Update the basic “Thank you” to make it more personal for people making a donation.
  10. Send out an e-mail reminder shortly before the event.
  11. Add your page to the Facebook app by clicking here and people can sponsor you without leaving Facebook. 20% of all donations made through JustGiving come through Facebook.
  12. Tweet your page to your followers with your link and ask them to re-tweet it to their followers.
  13. People can donate via text message so set up a JustTextGiving code when you set up your page and include it in your e-mails. You may be able to copy the picture of the mobile phone and your JustTextGiving code when you set up your page and this would look great in an e-mail.
  14. Wear a shirt with your JustTextGiving code on it.
  15. Print off your JustGiving page and display it at church or in the office. It comes with tear off slips with your page’s web address.
  16. Go to the OHCT website and print off slips to hand out or put in pews with your webpage address.
  17. Look at JustGiving’s top fundraising tips

After the Event

  1. Collect sponsor money as soon as possible after the event and return it to your local Church Organiser with your fully completed sponsor form. Please check all the details are fully completed including the GiftAided entries.
  2. Update your JustGIving webpage with photographs of your Ride and Stride and information about what you did.

Send out another e-mail updating people about your achievement, thanking people for sponsoring you and saying that you can still provide sponsorship.

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