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We’ve put together our top tips to help you organise your fundraising for us.

  • General Fundraising Tips: Before the Event
    • Decide approximately how many churches you are likely to visit before asking people to sponsor you.
    • Start your fundraising well before the event.
    • If you do not want to collect sponsors yourself, ask someone else to do it on your behalf or encourage a young person to take part and offer to collect the sponsors.
    • Ask close family and friends first to get them at the top of your page as subsequent people tend to put similar amounts.
    • Ask friends, neighbours and work colleagues and employers
    • Ask if the sponsor will GiftAid their donation.
    • Advertise in your church and any local magazines that you are taking part.
    • Stand up in church, or elsewhere, and make an announcement that you are looking for sponsorship.
  • Just Giving Tips: Before the Event
    • Put the name and place of the church you wish to receive 50% of your sponsor money or say 100% OHCT in the “My Story” section.
    • In the “My Story” section state if your church is fundraising for a particular purpose e.g. new heating system or roof repairs.
    • Upload photos on your JustGiving page as it is great to see a happy picture of the participant.
    • Make a video explaining what you are doing and why and upload it onto your page.
    • Put your JustGiving page address in your e-mail signature.
    • E-mail out your page to different groups of people at different times starting with family and close friends.
    • A good time to e-mail out your page is just after payday.
    • Update the basic “Thank you” to make it more personal for people making a donation.
    • Send out an e-mail reminder shortly before the event.
    • Share  your page to your Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • After the Event
    • Update your JustGIving webpage with photographs of your Ride and Stride and information about what you did.
    • Send out another e-mail updating people about your achievement, thanking people for sponsoring you and saying that you can still provide sponsorship.