The Ride and Stride is an annual sponsored event which takes place on the second Saturday in September. Although it is run by Oxfordshire Historic Church Trust, it is part of a national event run by over 30 County Historic Churches Trusts and promoted by the National Churches Trust.

People are invited to cycle, walk or horse ride to as many churches, chapels and meeting houses as they wish on any route of their choice. Participants (Riders or Striders) are sponsored per church they visit and money raised can all be donated to Oxfordshire Historic Church Trust or participants can nominate a church of their choice to receive 50% of the sponsor money raised (before GiftAid). All money raised helps to protect our unique heritage and plays a significant role in seeing our heritage maintained.

Open to all

Anyone who wants to is welcome to take part, either as an individual or in a group. All you need to do is register your interest by either downloading a sponsorship form or asking your local co-ordinator to give you one.

The idea is to visit as many churches as you can between 10am and 6pm. At each church you visit make sure that you have your form signed by the church welcomers so that you can claim your sponsorship. If the church is unmanned, don’t worry, there will be a Ride and Stride Registration sheet which you should sign alongside your own sponsorship form.

The Ride+Stride is a national event so if you can’t be in Oxfordshire you might be still be able to take part somewhere else. Visit the National Ride and Stride website to find out more.

Stay Safe

We are so grateful for your support and are keen that you should have a wonderful day out so please remember that safety is of paramount importance – do not sacrifice safety for speed! If you are cycling, please ensure that your bicycle is roadworthy and consider  wearing a helmet and reflective clothing.  When cycling or walking on the roads please observe the Highway Code.

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