Apply For a Roof Alarm Grant

For almost four years the OHCT has been running a campaign to help Oxfordshire churches, Church of England, Roman Catholic or any other Christian denomination, to fit roof alarms. Our campaign aims to meet 50% of the installation cost up to a maximum grant of £2,500. To date we have made over 50 grants which has helped to protect over 11,000 square metres of lead and around 2,000 square metres of copper.

If you have lead or copper on your church roof and it is not fitted with a roof alarm, OHCT would strongly encourage you to move before you are hit.

For the purposes of the OHCT grant only one quotation is required. You may however wish to talk to more than one supplier.

Any grant awarded will be conditional on:

  • All necesssary permissions being received prior to installation taking place.
    (For Anglican churches a faculty is not required, since on 1 April the fitting of a roof alarm was designated a List A work. Other permissions may however be needed.)
  • your insurer approving the roof alarm system being installed
  • the amount of associated cabling being kept to the minimum reasonably practicable
  • any work to an electrical installation being carried out by a person whose work is subject to an accredited certification scheme
  • the roof alarm system and associated equipment being maintained for at least five years after the installation date
  • all work undertaken to install the roof alarm system being undertaken in compliance with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and any other acts, orders, regulations and codes of practice relating to health and safety, which may apply to employees and other persons working on the installation of the roof alarm system.

To apply for a grant please complete the web form below.

Please note:

  • you cannot apply for grants from both the OHCT and Allchurches Trust for this work.
  • we cannot give grants for alarm systems that have already been installed

Allchurches Trust

Thanks to a generous grant from Allchurches Trust, the OHCT roof alarm scheme will now be able to support more churches in their efforts to protect against theft. Allchurches Trust will give up to £2,500 towards each grant awarded under the roof alarm scheme by OHCT. Allchurches Trust is one of the UK’s largest grant-making trusts. At the heart of their grant-giving is helping people and communities most in need.

We have teamed up with a premier alarm company in this field. E-Bound is a family run company which has specialised for a decade in church security. It has installed over 750 alarms on church roofs and is the market leader in this field. You are of course welcome to seek a quotation from an alternative supplier approved by your insurers. (You can see Ecclesiastical’s list of their approved suppliers by clicking here and we will consider supporting such an installation, if that is your preference. )

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