Charlbury Kids’ Rally

Put 11th of September in your diary now for the

Fourth Charlbury Children’s Bike Rally round Charlbury’s five churches and the First Charlbury Children’s Bike Gymkhana and School Picnic

Sign up from 10am – Individual Starts from 11.45 to 12.45

This year’s rally will again be raising money for Charlbury School and OHCT and will again be organised jointly by the Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust and the Windrush Bike Project, but this year it will be even better: it will end on the school playing field with a PICNIC and a BIKE GYMKHANA.

For the rally, parents should go to St Mary’s any time from 10.00 onwards to sign their children in and choose their start time. To preserve social distancing the children will start at about one-minute intervals. Minimum donation £3 per child on the day or, better, give your child an online sponsorship page (see below).

For the rally itself parents must accompany their children (on bike or on foot). All children must wear helmets. Balance bikes and scooters will be eligible for the youngest category. The routes will again start at St Mary’s churchyard gate and end at the Windrush Bike Project tent but this time the tent will be on the school playing field in Wychwood Paddocks. Over 8s will have a longer course via Park Street, 5-Ways and Hixet Wood. 

All children who complete their route will receive certificates and prizes.

Charlbury School Association and Windrush Bike Project

Weather permitting the Charlbury School Association invites families (with or without children taking part in the Rally) to bring picnics and set up (suitably distanced) round the central area of the school playing field where the Windrush Bike Project will be organising a bike gymkhana, a series of cycling games to improve the children’s skills and confidence. WBP can also advise on family cycling and Bikeability training – and may have a few weird and wonderful bikes for people to try.

How To Take Part

To take part in the Rally you need to sign your child up at St Mary’s before the start saying that you have read and accept the Ground Rules and Risk Assessment and Instructions. You can read these below. You can also follow the links to set up a Virgin Money fundraising page so that your child can raise online sponsorship from relations and friends (and is then covered by OHCT’s public liability insurance).

OHCT/WBP/CSA Charlbury Children’s Bike Rally

And Gymkhana

Saturday 12 September 2020

Sign in from 10.00 at St Mary’s to book start slot between 11:45 and 12:45

Ground Rules

Parents may decide not to accompany their children round the course but they are responsible for them before, during and after the rally and must ensure that they do not endanger themselves or others. They should read the more detailed instructions in the Risk Assessment.The organisers are not responsible for your child’s safety

Before the start each child must be signed in by a parent or responsible adult who has read and accepts these rules and accepts that the child may be included in general publicity pictures of the event. (Specific permission will be sought for any pictures focusing on a particular child)

The children will start off at about one minute intervals with their accompanying adult. They should gather on the church path five minutes before their allocated start time.

Please make sure that your child understands that this is not a race and that the roads have not been closed for this event. All children must wear helmets.

Children should pay particular care at junctions. (“Stop. Look. Listen”). Marshals are at the junctions in order to direct them in the correct direction, not to tell them when it is safe to go. Please make sure your child understands this.

Each child must get his or her card initialled at:

The Friends Meeting House, Market St
The Baptist Church, Dyer’s Hill
St Mary’s. via Church Lane
St Teresa’s (RC) Church, Sheep St/Fisher’s Lane
The Methodist Church, Fisher’s Lane

before claiming his or her prize and certificate at

The Windrush Bike Project tent on the school playing field

Between stops 3 and 4 children aged 8 and above will be cycling via Park Street, 5-Ways and Hixet Wood. Younger children will be going via Church Street and Sheep Street. All children will go up Fisher’s Lane, Poole’s Lane and the Enstone Road to Wychwood Paddocks.

The Charlbury School Association invites families (with or without children taking part in the Rally) to bring picnics and set up (suitably distanced) round the central area of the school playing field where the Windrush Bike Project will be organising a bike gymkhana. This too is not a competition but we hope that lots of children will want to test (and show off!) their biking skills.

Charlbury Children’s Bike Rally

12 September 2020

Risk Assessment and Instructions

Care will be needed throughout. The route is on the streets of Charlbury on a busy day with extra cars and pedestrians because of the Farmers’ Market. The surface on the roads is not great, and there are potholes especially on Church Lane. The streets are residential and there are many parked cars. 

There will be marshals at the junctions and warning signs for cars, but parents are responsible for their children’s safety.

Social distancing must be observed. If necessary riders must wait outside each church on the route till the previous rider has left. In most cases the signature will be at a table outside the church.

This is not a race and reckless riders may be disqualified.

Start at St Mary’s churchyard gate

Riders and accompanying adults will start from St Mary’s churchyard gate at approximately one-minute intervals between 11.45 and about 12.45. You should sign in at St Mary’s any time from 10am onwards and book a start time. 

You should then arrive at the church five to ten minutes before your allotted start time and form a spaced queue on the church path while waiting for your start. 

At the start there will be pedestrians you need to give way to. Look left and right before turning left onto Church Street.

Church Street Is uphill and buses may be coming down (the bus stop is on the right of the road). At the junction, beside the Rose and Crown, turn left into Market Street. STOP, LOOK, LISTEN. Take care and look left, right and ahead as it is a crossroads. You may need to give way.

Market Street is a one way street.   The road surface is a bit potholey and there will be parked cars.  There are shops and you may have to watch out for pedestrians crossing. Your stop at the Quaker Meeting House is about half way along on the right behind a narrow gate. Leave your bike outside against the wall while you get your card signed. Afterwards carry on along the street and turn left into Dyers Hill. 

Dyers Hill. Watch out for cars coming from Thames Street opposite and turning down Dyers Hill. They have right of way, and this can be a particularly busy and awkward crossroad with poor sight lines for cyclists. Please be extra vigilant here. You need to stop at the Baptist Church on the other side of Dyers Hill for the next signature on your card. It is probably best to dismount at the end of Market Street and walk across to the Baptists. Afterwards ride down the hill for 50 yards and turn left into Church Lane back towards St Mary’s Church.  

Church Lane. Here there will definitely be lots of parked cars, and the road is very narrow and the surface poor. Watch out for other cyclists and pedestrians at the back gate into churchyard. Take it in turns. There will be someone there to sign your card if there are still other cyclists waiting to start on the path in front of the church. If so you will be directed to walk your bike round the back of the church to the main gate. Otherwise you will cycle up to St Mary’s Church Porch for your next signature. 

For children under 8 years old

Church Street (second time). Then through the front gate and back up Church Street. This time turn right at the top into Sheep Street. Again take care here You may need to give way at junction to traffic coming down Brown’s Lane.

Sheep Street. This is one way. There will be lots of parked cars and poor road surface.  Halfway along you start to go sharply downhill.  Your next stop is St Teresa’s Church. Leave your bike outside before going in to get your card signed. The entrance is on your left before the turn left into Fishers Lane

For children aged 8 or over

Turn right out of St Mary’s churchyard down Park Street. Give way to cars going through the narrow point unless signalled by the marshals to proceed.

Take great care keep left. Continue to 5-Ways corner and turn left into Hixet Wood. Continue to the Catholic church on the corner of Sheep Street.

For all children

Fishers Lane. Leave the Catholic church and turn up Fisher’s Lane. At this junction be prepared to give way to vehicles or cyclists coming from Hixet Wood. Fisher’s Lane is slightly uphill and one way.   Stop to get another signature at the Methodist Church before carrying on to the junction with Poole’s Lane. Again be prepared to give way and watch out for potholes.  

Pooles Lane. Uphill and narrow. There will be parked cars and possibly traffic in both directions. Dismount if necessary. Pass the Playing Close and turn right into the Enstone Road.

Enstone Road/Wychwood Paddocks. Watch out for pedestrians outside the Co-op. Take particular care when turning right into Enstone Road and from Enstone Road into Wychwood Paddocks. There will be cars in both directions. You may need to dismount and wait before crossing over. Remount and cycle to the Windrush Bike Project tent on the school playing field to collect your prize and certificate – and then take part in the Gymkhana.

On the Playing Field. Please follow the marshal’s instructions to ensure social distancing for your picnic. There will be two Portaloos; please ensure that they are left as you would wish to find them. Please take all your litter home with you and please be particularly careful not to leave any broken glass.

New and improved Roof Alarm Grants

You can now apply for a grant of up to 80% of the cost of an alarm plus the first year’s maintenance

You can now apply for a grant of up to 80% of the cost of an alarm plus the first year’s maintenance