About Us

Oxfordshire has a rich heritage of churches of all denominations. Many of these date from Saxon and Norman times, standing as landmarks in their neighbourhoods and providing an important focus of continuity and stability in ever-changing times.

OHCT is an entirely volunteer-led organisation which aims to provide funding to help local communities repair, maintain and improve Oxfordshire’s historic churches, preserving them for future generations. The initial involvement from trusts such as the OHCT provides vital encouragement and confidence to church councils and are key factors in preserving these architectural gems.

OHCT also works to increase public understanding of these buildings via a programme of Events, our Annual Sponsorship event Ride and Stride, and via our Publications.


If you would like to contact us then please feel free to use one of the email addresses below. General enquiries should go to our Secretary, Richard Hughes:

[email protected]
4 Haslemere Gardens, Oxford, OX2 8EL
01865 559305


Stephen Goss

 [email protected]


Richard Hughes

 [email protected]


Giles Dessain

 [email protected]

Grants Officer

Cynthia Robinson

 [email protected]

Membership Secretary

Phoebe Hart [email protected]

Development Officer

Basil Eastwood CMG

 [email protected]

County Ride and Stride Coordinator

Hilary Cakebread Hall

 [email protected]


Gillian Coates

 [email protected]


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