A light and spacious church with tall elegant windows and good window tracery of the Decorated period. An enormous wall painting of St Christopher dominates the interior. Note the unusual rood screen, loft and pulpit. Over £50K spent recently on rehanging the four 1706 bells and adding two more and repairing the bell frame replacing the original wooden frame with a metal one.

The colourful 15th century wall painting of St Christopher is a splendid sight.The saint's feet in a fishy stream with his staff breaking under the burden of the Christ child on his shoulder.

The unusual rood screen is post war (1950) vintage,

The pulpit has scenes from the life of St Etheldreda, or Audrey, a 7th century nun much revered in East Anglia but an uncommon dedication in Oxfordshire.

St Etheldreda

  • Little Lane
  • Horley
  • OX15 6BJ

OHCT Grants

  • 2012/2013
    Grant of £6,000 awarded for repair of oak bell-frame and rehanging of bells
St Etheldreda is participating in the Ride and Stride event on Saturday 9th September 2017
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Dale's Rood, rood-loft and celure
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