St John The Baptist


  • Church Lane
  • Hornton
  • OX15 6DA

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Brief Description

Norman north arcade, but the rest a century later.Small perpendicular tower.

The wall paintings , Doom, and Norman Font are the main items to look at.

  • Main Description

    Near the border with Warwickshire, Hornton Quarries are the source of the famous honey coloured Oolite limestone, often with shells in it and brown streaks from the ironstone. This Hornton Stone was and is the favourite building stone for so many churches, country houses, and cottages in north Oxfordshire.

    The wall painting to the left of the chancel is of the Black Prince depicted as St George.

    The Doom, 12-13 century, is over the chancel arch where there are fragments of medieval glass.

    The Norman font is a particularly good example.

Church Grants

new facilities

2017/2018 | £12000