St Joseph


  • Arkel Avenue
  • Carterton
  • OX18 3BS


  • Toilets: church
  • Local Amenities: shop, pub

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Brief Description

St Joseph’s Church in Carterton started out as a threshing barn around two hundred years ago.

  • Main Description

    The Chapel was built to house and thresh the barley. The great wagons would have come rolling in through the open doors, The straw was used for thatching, but the barn itself was probably always roofed with stone.

    The barn was given to the Catholic community of Carterton in 1940; until then Mass had been celebrated in a chapel in a private garden. The barn was converted into a Church, with a large hall attached to it for the use of the community.

    The simple shape of the great barn, with its stone walls and roof, is still there to remind us of its origin.

Church Grants

repointing, renewing roof, insulation

2010/2011 | £3000

heating, lighting, WCs

2015/2016 | £4000