St Mary


  • Church Road
  • North Leigh
  • OX29 6TX


  • Toilets: nearby
  • Local Amenities: shop, pub

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Brief Description

Fine fan vaulting in the Perpendicular Gothic style chapel. There is a 15th Century doom painting in the nave.

  • Main Description

    The bell tower is late Anglo-Saxon, probably built in the first half of the 11th century with, presumably, an chancel east of it. In the 12th century a new nave was built east of the tower in place of the Anglo-Saxon chancel, with north and south aisles flanking it and a new chancel extending further east, all in the Early English Gothic style.

    Early in the 13th century the arch between the tower and the new nave was enlarged, a third chancel was built east of the 12th century one, and the 12th century chancel was made part of the nave. Early in the 14th century both aisles were extended westwards, flanking the tower on both sides, and arches were cut in the tower to link with the aisle extensions and new Decorated Gothic style windows were inserted.

    In 1439 a new Perpendicular Gothic style chapel with fine fan vaulting of unusually high quality was built Parts of the chapel's original 15th century stained glass survive in its windows.

    In 1723 the Church was refitted and a burial chapel built. The chapel is lit by tall, round-headed Georgian windows with plain glass.

    In 1864 the Gothic Revival architect G.E. Street restored the church and reinstated the Norman font. The 15th Century Doom painting at the east end of the nave was uncovered and restored and the south porch was built.

Church Treasurers

Fan-vaulted Wilcote chapel

Detail chancel screen doom panting