St Matthew


  • Marlborough Road
  • Oxford
  • OX1 4LW

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  • Main Description

    Canon Alfred William Millard Christopher (1820 - 1913), who had been Rector of St Aldate's Church since 1859, raised funds for the building of a large church on Marlborough Road, one of the principal roads in Grandpont which followed the line of a former spur track from the nearby Great Western Railway. A fine church dedicated to St Matthew was built and consecrated by Bishop William Stubbs on 21st June l890.

    Canon Christopher was criticized for spending too much money on the church when a simpler structure might have sufficed. The stonework and roof structure have much to be admired. The violet and pink glass used in the windows on all but the north side gives a pleasant dappled light in sunshine. The pews were, however, stained dark brown but have now been sanded back to their lovely natural colour.

Church Grants

replacement of roof lead with coated steel

2012/2013 | £2000