St Peter


  • Thames Street
  • Wallingford
  • OX10 0BH


  • Toilets: none
  • Local Amenities: shop, pub

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Brief Description

The original parish church of St. Peter was destroyed during the Civil War (1646). A new church was built between 1763 and 1769, which remained in use for two hundred years, closing 29th. June, 1969. Nowadays it is used for worship only once a year, to celebrate the feast of St. Peter. It is looked after by the Churches Conservation Trust.

  • Main Description

    The church exterior is best known for its tower at the west end with an unusual openwork spire. Less in evidence is the apse at the east end, shielded as it is by trees and shrubs. Access to the interior is from the west end. A central aisle with pews on both sides leads towards a stage, which obstructs one's view of the altar, but which is used for the summer concert season. Nave windows are plain, though the window above the altar provides a colourful contrast. The left-hand section depicts St. Peter and companion hauling in their fishing nets, whilst the right-hand section shows Christ seated and teaching.

    Of particular historic interest is one of those residents who supported the reconstruction of the Church in the seventeen-sixties, William Blackstone. Fellow of All Souls and Professor of Common Law at Oxford University, Magistrate of the Borough of Wallingford and knighted by George 111, he published four volumes of lectures entitled Commentaries on the Laws of England. These were the basis for the constitution and legal system of the United States. He is buried in St. Peter's Church, and his tomb is in the main aisle.