The Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust provides financial help for repairs and practical enhancements to churches and chapels of all denominations in Oxfordshire. It encourages wider interest in them and raises funds for these purposes. We aim to help keep Oxfordshire’s churches fit for their threefold purpose – for worship, as a valued heritage asset and as a community resource. We believe that this is the more important because these buildings provide links to our past – and we live in such a rapidly changing world – but we also believe that the costs of maintaining them will continue to rise and that many, and in rural areas perhaps most, congregations will be less and less able to meet those costs.

Since the OHCT was founded almost £3.5 million has been spent preserving, developing and renovating some of the County’s most treasured churches. Over the past 5 years over £1million in grants have been disbursed to churches of historic importance in our County that need our support.

We could not make grants without the help of our supporters. If you would like to support the OHCT’s current round of annual grants please consider one of the options below;

  1. If you would like to support our 50th Anniversary Campaign please get in touch with the Campaign Office by calling the Development Officer, Stephen Dawson, Tel 07729 902427, Email
  2. Make a donation by cheque. Please make the cheque out to the ‘Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust’ and send to Fundraising, Campaign Office, Ground Floor, 6 Church Green, Witney OX28 4AW
  3. Make a donation by bank transfer. Please pay to Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust, a/c 50712825 at Barclays Oxford City Branch sort code 20-65-18. Please use: “OHCT” as your reference.
  4. Make a donation by standing order. Please complete and return this form: (Individual Family Membership Form) to Fundraising, Campaign Office, Ground Floor, 6 Church Green, Witney OX28 4AW
  5. Make an online donation. We are currently working towards setting up an online donation facility for one-off and monthly giving on Virgin Money Giving, which will be available very soon.

Donating money on a monthly or annual basis is a great way of supporting the Trust and the Jubilee Campaign.

Monthly and annual gifts pledged over a period of time can provide a reliable fundraising income for the Trust and can help with planning.

With Gift Aid and tax-relief for higher rate taxpayers a little monthly or annually can certainly go a long way.

Here are some examples of how monthly or annual giving can make a big difference over a period of time. Examples of monthly and annual tax-effective gift amounts

Monthly Gift Annual Gift Gift over 5 years Gift with Gift Aid* Net Cost to Higher rate Taxpayer**
£10 £600 £750 £450
£50 £3,000 £3,750 £2,250
£10,000 £50,000 £62,250 £37,500
£50,000 £250,000 £312,500 £171,875±

*Gift Aid means we can claim an extra 25p per £1 you donate provided you are a UK taxpayer

** Higher rate taxpayers can receive additional tax relief of 20 or 25% depending on the rate of tax they are on.

±This example is calculated based on a donor paying tax at the higher rate of 45%.

To give monthly/annually please click here to download a form.

If you would like to support the Campaign by remembering the Trust in your Will please click here


Abingdon Baptist Church

Awarded a grant by the OHCT of £15,000 for major internal improvements in 2014/2015

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