Ashbury : St Mary Virgin

£8000: For stonework repairs.

Barford St Michael : St Michael

£30500: For roof repairs and repointing, including an emergency grant for leaking.

Chesterton : St Mary

£2000: For clock repairs.

East Hendred : St Mary

£3000: For the installation of under-pew heaters.

Garford : St Luke

£2000: For bell repairs.

Goosey : All Saints Chapel

£4000: For drainage repairs.

Kingham : St Andrew

£35000: For roof and tower repairs.

Kirtlington : St Mary The Virgin

£15000: For repairs to the porch.

Marcham : All Saints

£50000: For refurbishment of WC and kitchen.

Middleton Stoney : All Saints

£25000: For provision of a servery and toilet facilities; renovation and relocation of the Nicholson organ.

Shutford : St Martin

£8000: For repairs to plaster and redecoration.

Stoke Talmage : St Mary Magdalene

£10000: For repairs to gutters and downpipes.

Summertown : St Michael and A.Angels

£1500: For repairs to guttering and soffits.

£2000: To facilitate a feasibility study relating to decarbonisation of the building.

Warborough : St Laurence

£7000: For stonework repairs and renovation.

Waterstock : St Leonard

£1500: For window replacement.

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