Look out for Ride and Stride Packs

Thank you to all those who have been updating us with updated contact details since my last letter – we hope this reaches the right people and doesn’t get through (again) to anyone who has asked for amended contact information – please be patient with us if not!

All the printed Ride+Stride information that will be distributed together with the OHCT Annual Review is currently at the printers – we hope that your pack will reach you within the next 14 days or so.   By popular request we have added R+S stickers to the pack this year – if you don’t need to use yours please ensure they are passed on to other participants.

Our website pages are also being updated with all the new details for 2021 at present and we hope this will also be completed within the same time span.

With greater relaxation of the Covid Rules already, we hope that your Church Office or member of the church might be able to print off any items on the website you need if you do not have your own printer.   If not please contact your Area Coordinator or me on [email protected] or 07831 690524.

Reflecting that some churches are still operating with limited resources and that the situation will continue to change (hopefully entirely for the better but we need to be realistic!) we will NOT be printing a list of participating churches this year but will keep an updated list on our website and will be asking to let us know your churches plan.