Saturday 8th September 2018

If Riding and Striding is not your thing there are other ways in which you might like to get involved. Here are some ideas:

A welcomer sits in a church on Ride+Stride day and signs off the sponsorship forms for the Riders and Striders. Welcomers can even do their own fundraising by asking for sponsorship for every hour that they are on duty.  The easiest way to become a welcomer is to ask your local church if they need help but you can also signup using the form in the sidebar and we will introduce you to your local church organiser

Church Organisers receive all the Ride and Stride correspondence for one or more churches and arrange for the church to be open on Ride and Stride day. He or she helps to publicise the event locally and distributes sponsor forms. Organisers also collect sponsorship from all the participants and transfers the funds to the OHCT.