We try to make our application process as quick and simple as possible. If you are looking for a grant you may wish to contact our Area Representative in advance of any application. He or she will be happy to advise you on the procedure and may be able to point you towards other possible sources of funding. Our grant offers are very often the first support for suitable projects and, although we cannot usually offer more that 10% of project costs, our grants often improve your chances of getting funds from other sources as well.

Application forms can be downloaded here. Guidance Notes can be downloaded here. When our Grants Officer receives your completed Application Form, or becomes aware of your impending application, he will notify the relevant OHCT Area Representative who will get in contact with you to arrange a meeting. Please bring with you a copy of your latest accounts and quinquennial report, and any other documents which you think would be helpful. The meeting will consist of a visit to the church, so that you can explain your intended work and raise any questions. Help can also be provided in completing the Application Form.

Following the meeting, the Area Representative will in due course present your case at the next meeting of the Council. These meetings take place four times a year in early January, April, July and October. Except in urgent circumstances e.g. a leaking roof, grants are not made at other times. From this it will be seen that there may be a delay of some months between a first approach to the trust and a letter notifying the applicant of a decision. We regret it is not possible to avoid this.

Applications must be submitted to the Grants Officer at least 14 days before the next meeting. They should be accompanied by a set of your most recent annual accounts and a general photograph of the church and a picture or A4 plan showing where the works are to be carried out.

You will be informed of the outcome of your application in writing within two weeks of the meeting. Details of how you should make your claim will be included in the letter. Grants are paid following sight of an architect’s certificate or contractor’s receipts confirming the work has been completed at least to the value of the grant.

Information required

Applicants should submit

  • An estimate for the cost of repairs excluding VAT. If the work is to be carried out in phases, please give details of the phases that you are seeking the grant for. You will need to apply again at a later dates for any phases not included in the above.
  • Information regarding available funds, including any reserves but excluding funds that have already been earmarked for other works currently underway and funds in restricted accounts
  • Estimate of the amount likely to be raised in the parish from fundraising activities in the community

Diocesan Advisory Committee

It greatly helps the Council if you could indicate the degree of progress with consulting the Diocesan Advisory Committee – or similar authority for denominations other than the Church of England.


Please note the deadlines for grant applications are as follows:

  • Council Meeting 6th July, 2017, deadline for applications 15th June, 2017
  • Council Meeting 11th October 2017, deadline for applications 20th September 2017

The Application Process

Applying for a Grant

Download the Application Form

Download the Guidance Notes

Abingdon Baptist Church

Awarded a grant by the OHCT of £15,000 for major internal improvements in 2014/2015

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